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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laying out this lines for you.

these are words to express what i feel for you.
words yearning for escape through the tones of the womb
yet i humbly suppress the urge to kiss and foretell,
i choose my pen.

i love you like am the first child to come into the heart of a first time mother.
i want all your attention,to suck from the sweet nectar of your affections,

i love you though am scared you'll back away and leave me hanging like a fool.

I've acted the fool,ballooned with righteous food
only to loose the only thing i always suspected was true.

i love you sweets,you who blew me to the roof,loved and left me bruised,
i forgave and looked past the two to see the inner you,
the stuff that really matters,
all i can do is be real with you.
will you too?