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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You know what?(of course you don't:)am not having the best of days.Am not in a particularly ecstatic place in my life right now,granted that am grateful for the breath of day and that my lovely daughter is healthy and strong;i feel a little displaced.

Not sad or angry...indifferent maybe but am not ashamed to say(as i borrow from Miss Bonita Belle) i haven't got it all together.

On the flip side,it's always good to remember those things in your life that are worth fighting for.They give you the fervor and fear you need to fight back stress, disappoint or failure ,especially when you feel you're just too good to be experiencing bad shit.but today,it's okay if you don't have the answers;am definitely lacking in that area.Am smiling through it all and looking like a million bucks.

Don't say it's over yet!!
The day is BIG
full of promise and undeniably beautiful.
I will judge myself less and enjoy my shortcomings,
as i await to be molded by the Great I AM.