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Saturday, June 25, 2011



Rehearsals are  going great as we gear up for our show on the 29th of June at the Wasanii Resaturant.
You can also Purchase your tickets by clicking on the following link:
Just click on the following link: or go to
This is the location of the WASANII RESTAURANT. Click on this link:
Don't miss out on Nairobi' premier poetry show and do bring a friend. Spread the word and bring your beautiful energy along too!

Beautiful Feet.

Walking the distance
miles, meters, kilometers,
boots , cornrows and blisters
heels, flats and sneakers
yellow round ball unfiltered.
Ozone layer on my dark, thick skin layers.
Hit the ground running,                                                                     
until my journey is complete.
Keep my eye on the prize.
Then i waver, i stumble and take detours.
Seems easy to talk the walk than to walk the talk.
But somehow you bring me back on track.

Wrong turns to trouble and illicit fun,
you restore me,
back to my truest North.
Home, where i begun.