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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sanaa Fusion - Buy Tickets Ticketsasa

Sanaa Fusion - Buy Tickets Ticketsasa

Super excited about Friday's show for real! Get your advance tickets now.
An amazing line up for our show on the 2nd of September.
Fairly priced tickets and an all-round, 3 in 1 performance geared at giving you the best in substance and entertainment.
What more could you ask for! Let's go #teamSanaa!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sanaa Fusion - Buy Tickets Ticketsasa

Sanaa Fusion - Buy Tickets Ticketsasa

SANAA FUSION is back and we're super excited about this gig.
SANAA in September will feature the super talented Teto Tutuma-a gifted singer and guitarist whose rich Maasai heritage is evident in his style.
The stage will also be graced by Grand Master Masese: poet and musician, Ruth Maingi: an outstanding choreographer and dancer.
Also featuring storytelling by Ogutu Muraya, music by Ziki and the Infusions band and much more.

...We'll also have a FREE VERSE Session for all you budding and unspoken poets, so come through and register before the event begins.

Hosted by the vivacious Cindy Ogana of Hot 96 Fm

Don't miss out!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I long for country fresh air to purify my aching being.
All mannner of unforgiveness habored from the laborous journey of yesteryears,
to be wiped clean on one old slate.
today, i begin again.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Not the right size.
Not the right hair do, texture or whatever the excuse.
Small breasts, wide hips, big lips.                                
Not your definition of pretty.
Not the right look for TV.

Courtesy of

Unseen on DVD's.
Not your typical sex symbol,
no room at all where I last looked.

Thank you for not confining my curvaceous frame into your plastic space.
Thank you for saving me the trouble of living up to your pretentious ways.
What would i do if your sentiments were of truth?
Would my spirit take flight and occupy a mannequin, constructed according to your absurd specifications?
Would i doubt praise to my claim, in recognition of the fire that is my beauty?

My round, juicy , perfectly formed image of the One Who molded my form from creation
is expression enough for the bold and not so beautiful.
A voice of power among those long muted.
Better than canvas, Polaroid or pixels combined, often conformed to your flawed expectations and perceptions.
Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder; blame your compromised vision, if your opinion they cannot sustain.

the black,
 beautiful one,
melanin filled,
redeemed from anorexic-media venom,
stereotypical conditions,
is hereby declared a living legend,
Unpolished jewel, Unspoken treasure.

Afro-beautiful, Afro-sensual, Afro-talented, Afro-magnetic, Afro- erotic, Afro-lovely, Afro-musical, Afro-Legendary....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


( I actually wrote this piece for a performance organized by a certain NGO. *Yeah, yeah i know. Donor art boo! hoo! At least it pays bills*. Though the event fell through, i was still glad i wrote this. I'm after all almost two years behind schedule so to speak* smiles* Being a mother of one and all. Anyways, i like it because it sums up my feelings about breastfeeding and also demystifies it; in my humble opinion of course..... Enjoy!)

At least that's what my Mama told me,
After eighteen hours of labour
i thought my baby and i would finally bond over some sweet, sticky milk, finalize our natural bond and all.
From my womb and into my arms; tiny feet and hands, wrinkly skin , small , delicate lips
the misery begun.
No let down, big, painful lumps, what did i get myself into?
I wanted to scream and run
 Eventually, i understood what the fuss was all about.
My beautiful boobies were not just accessories in funky tank tops. you know, twin towers, the girls, Boom! they made you look!
My breasts had been transformed into life givers
A new and improved addition into their never ending resume

Now when I'm away from my lovely angel,
my breasts tell me when she's missing my company.
They swell and drip as if weeping tears of sorrow from the brief separation.
When i finally get home  to her kisses and smiles,
her playful chuckles, appreciative burps, tell me of the joy she feels.
How i relish those moments.


Breast feeding is cool you fool!
Staring at me when i remove my breast in public to feed my anxious offspring, hungrily tagging at my buttons.
It's really uncouth you dude!
 and it's not a sexy moment.
It's an intimate bond between me and my little one.
Even if it's in church or in a bus. .
A matatu or in a restaurant- we just can't help it.
it's our moment to study each others features, her moment to internalize my scent and gaze.

Breast feeding is cool?
I hear modern mommies ask
at the petrified thought of cracked nipples, and of their once perky boobies becoming double D drooppies.

Yes, believe me it's cool.
Why you ask?
Well, Babies get their natural antibodies to guard them against disease from breast milk and become pretty brainy from all that Omega 3 in their system
And if you're still not convinced...
welcome to the latest full proof plan for weight loss.
Yes, i know, i know, you're welcome!