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Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy new year all!
This being my first post in 2012, I'm optimistic, happy and totally honoured to be alive & ready to experience another brilliant year. God is truly wonderful!

On the 31st of December I took a moment to recollect and take stock of the year that was and I was truly amazed to discover that most of my targets were realized in 2011.
It's not easy, to set goals and  work steadfastly towards achieving them but it can be done, and I can confidently say that I'm doing it by the Grace of the Almighty.

I'll also be setting up another blog, just to keep it real on life's issues on a more personal level; totally excited about that.

(God willing).. More poetry coming up, more inspiration and most definitely more beautiful music.

Peace and blessings y'all!