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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Going through tough lessons and re-learning love.
Starts with learning to love myself and undoing all the blaming, hating and judging that I've surrounded myself with.
I'm learning that there's a light that shines in my spirit and in my soul, and it must come out and shine free if  I've got to be me!

Sunday, March 18, 2012



Like bright lights on a dark endless road.

Like sun rays on a grey day.

Like fire sparks in a mud hut.

Like a sun kissed flower; beautiful.


I'm caught up in this yellow glare of sunshine after misty days in a dark tunnel that seemed never ending.
Now that I'm here it seems like the strangest place.

Surprisingly, I've found warmth comforted by three tender words.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


This week the focus was on the woman i.e. on #InternationalWomensDAY .
To all you absolutely super women, single mommies or otherwise,woman -you are an absolute gem! For Doing great things with such tiny seeds, for sprucing up this dull world with your warm and giving spirit, hats off to you! May God shine His face on our kind as we celebrate our genesis , indeed woman you/ I/we are God’s beautiful creations! Salyut!
(Proverbs 31-10)
Salute to women & womanhood . Dance to the sound of your triumphs, smile at your success and cry, a little bit, for your pain, then get up & dust yourself the journey continues. I celebrate Adam’s rib too, where would we be without our strong brothers? It feels great to be a woman!