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Friday, December 28, 2012


  It hit me a couple of days after the whole thing how I'd effed up R.O.Y.A.L. I had been tricked. I could have sworn I was smarter than that. I wanted to just lay back and deny it was I , my excuse was that my brain was all scattered and I chose to listen to my heart..but no! It was too late. My honour I could not re-take. This day I woke up and instead of that blunt, numbing pain pursuing me, I pursued it and demanded for answers that I may never get but nonetheless, I wanted to know why. 

 So I made some dum mistakes but my dreams you can't take. I made it, I survived in fact I more than survived, I THRIVED! You can't curse what's already blessed, don't you know? A new day has arrived and I'm free baby! Destiny's calling....

Now, in this moment, my solace is a share of the dignity you spared me. That's my weapon of choice to face a new day..With this simple thoughts, a strong will coupled with a resilient spirit,  I will go for it and replace what you misplaced. I will be back.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm four years old.
Nothing can go wrong.
Everything is happy.
I'm ever smiling.

Got a big, glowing light that shines right through my bright smile.
My eyes are smiling too.
I'm all smiles.

My favourite outfit is my "Sports Billy' tshirt with red stripes and a baby blue skirt, with whites leggings and black baby doll shoes.

I look and feel nice, pretty like a princess.
I feel pretty!

Everything is right in my world.
My short curly hair is done in a neat fro,
it frames my chubby face and bubbly cheeks, cute!
Baby fat, cute fat, awww!
I'm the baby whose cheeks you can't help but pinch! Everyone wants to smile with me....

I'm four years old.

I can still jump into my mamas and daddy's big bed and sleep in their cosy arms till morning light.

I'm protected and loved.

Wish I could be four years again.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Can't believe it's been more than a month since I posted something..anything even.

It's been a most dramatic period for me and I must admit that even though I didn't come out of it smelling like roses, I managed and that's more than enough. Any new developments? Hmm let's see, I'm happily single, I'm gigging actively, writing (music) a whole lot more and oh yes, I finally cut my hair.

Going by the reactions I've received, most people are still in shock that I happily said goodbye to my 8 year old dreadlocks. I'm  however, pretty excited by the change. It's funny how people seem to have taken it harder than I expected. Even harder than I have. C.H.A.N.G.E can be a tricky thing especially when it gets you unprepared..

Apart from being the month of change , it also happens to be my birthday month. I'll be turning...yeah right. You'll have to wait a long time before I let the cat out of the bag! Maybe when I release my album..maybe.

Here's to change and new paths!