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Monday, August 13, 2012


Don't ask her to get out, get out now .
Don't assume you know her story better than she. 
She's mustered enough grace not to blast you to your face for assuming that she wouldn't know if the boat was rocking too hard.

Don't presume her strange for taking on the up hill task of falling and getting up, all in one breathe.
You have to know her moves are calculated as they are simple and nonchalant; for all intents & purposes.

Don't blame her for taking a chance, it's more than what most people are willing to do in one lifetime.
At least she tried.
Who knows? Her efforts might bear fruit for all to see and thus, 'understand' the method to her madness.

Don't underestimate the power behind her subtle moves.
Don't ignore her magnetic resilience.
Just don't.

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