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Friday, August 24, 2012


Rainbow you never stay
vibrant colors that light up after the storm
but rainbow, you don't stay.

No one said rain would fall on a sunny day.
You'd leave without warning
I'd be here ashamed for I never said how good it was to see you..
I never did.

So where do you disappear to?
Beyond the trees, the sky seems to kiss the earth
a beautiful place I've never seen
the place where the clouds meet the ground
at the end of the earth.

Photo: Rainbow reflected on icy waters

I lost you.
I ran across to find you.
Marked time 
I thought I could pause time...
But you were gone before I could reach you.
You took the hues of red, green, violet, crimson, blue with you.
I can't get used to this place without you.

As you travel on,
look back where your joy once lay.
We will sing your song
write music to fill the vacuum anew.

Open spaces
so wide
hollow darkness
the finality of your goodbye.

Hope to meet you again.
Someday soon.

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