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Monday, October 1, 2012


This October realise:

  • It's not by luck or mysterious fortune that you're reading this post. Be grateful for making it this far- there 91 days remaining in 2012 .Thank God while you're at it!

  • You can still catch up on those resolutions: eat more chocolate cake, date someone dangerous to your mental health,try a new drug just to be cool..To be fair, how else will you ever know that these things are bad for you? 

  • OMG!*Insert Kim Kardashian voice/tone/pout better known as BSD>>blonde speech defect, oh wait..she's a brunette oh well, " like my birthday is like in 60 days, how did like 2012 go so fast? I was like 24 like last yearrr!"

Lastly, party like it's 2012, cos it is! You know you'll pay for all binge drinking,smoking and s*** but enjoy! The good book, somewhere in Ephesians I think (Read your bible heathen:)clearly states that we should enjoy our youth while we still can: Note youth here only applies to those with enough money for reconstructive surgery after damaging all their vitals in the name of living it up. If you're a "sufferer" please stick to soda- it will kill you slower even when it masquerades as "Zero"!

Happy new month!!

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