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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm four years old.
Nothing can go wrong.
Everything is happy.
I'm ever smiling.

Got a big, glowing light that shines right through my bright smile.
My eyes are smiling too.
I'm all smiles.

My favourite outfit is my "Sports Billy' tshirt with red stripes and a baby blue skirt, with whites leggings and black baby doll shoes.

I look and feel nice, pretty like a princess.
I feel pretty!

Everything is right in my world.
My short curly hair is done in a neat fro,
it frames my chubby face and bubbly cheeks, cute!
Baby fat, cute fat, awww!
I'm the baby whose cheeks you can't help but pinch! Everyone wants to smile with me....

I'm four years old.

I can still jump into my mamas and daddy's big bed and sleep in their cosy arms till morning light.

I'm protected and loved.

Wish I could be four years again.

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