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Thursday, February 21, 2013


I long for: 
                      long wAlks on the beACh with my Black toes starinG at the vast bLues skIeS....

                      I muSt be reliVing my yester years where no PaiN included mY desirEs...I jUst took aNd swayed on mY wAy, nO reGRets.

                     I do nOt wAnt to meEt tHat pErSon aGaiN but sHe kEeps shOwing Up liKe An UnWanted guEst from UpCountry, chEriShEd buT Can't thEy just Call before thEy show uP?

                          I SUCk at tHis fOrgivEnesS thIng.. I dOn't waNt to forgeT eithEr.

                   caN't wE jUst go tO The bEach aNd forGet whAt I saId earLieR?

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