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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Gratia-gift from heaven.
It's been a good day. Good? You ask; yes good. First, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, rants, conversations etc. Knowing that you appreciate my words makes me smile!

Oh so back to my 'good' day. I'm alive, sane (I think), a little randy (did I just type that!) but focused... despite a few distractions & excited about my new play. Well not so new considering it opened last Wednesday and there are only 5 more shows to go.

 I play a ..., how do i put it? A very.. blunt and risque character; who's slightly intimidating (she speaks & acts her mind) & from the looks of the audience,( who are sometimes a bit unnerved by the character's audacious mannerisms) she is quite a number.

I must admit, I'm enjoying it. Every little bit. Kinda scares me..

I almost dressed like her today but before I left the house, someone pointed out that I might be internalizing my character (Gratia) just a tee wee much...

I changed...grudgingly..My excuse? I wanted to feel 'light'. But I have to ask..myself.. Am I in(side) her (Gratia) or is she in me? 


Shows are on from tomorrow, Wednesday at 7 till Sat at 3. Sat 6 pm show is sold out. Yeah, that's how good the cast of six is, so don't miss out ! 

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