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Friday, February 8, 2013


Girls are sweet and spicy; nice and agreeable; irrational and unpredictable; feisty and complicated. At least in my opinion..Sometimes we can be all of these things all at once. Like today for example.

Though you may not tell, I have a flu & a bit of heart trouble (seeing as Valentine's coming up and people who are called Valentine are naturally supposed to have a Valentine; I'm just saying....)
I on the other hand, having been named  V-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e... That's it, I don't have any thing more to add. Really!

So I have a show in two hours time..make up comes in handy so I don't look like last night's dinner. hmmph

I love my work but today..I just wish I was in bed. Alone. Relaxing and sleeping it off. Resting my heart, mind and soul. It's Friday after all. 

Can't we just postpone Valentine's until I find my Valentine? I've figured out who I'd like it to be, it's just that he hasn't.

 So today I'm sugar and spice; sweet and sour; feisty and complicated all at once.

Can you blame me? 

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